I am 16.

And for those of you who wonder, it is true. I haven’t lived. At least not enough.

To begin with, I haven’t started this blog for an intended purpose, in fact, I am yet to understand, why I, myself, have started this blog.

The scariest thing about words, is that they dictate a human being. No matter what, we are defined, majority of the time by what we say. Or in the case, write.

The hardest things to write about are usually, the things worth talking about, and ironically, more often than not people don’t want hear it. What’s even more ironic, – they’ll listen anyway.

You’re right. I am 16, and it’s true I haven’t lived enough. But I am living. And my words are going to be expressed.


This is my first blog post.


3 thoughts on “I Am 16

      1. Thank you for being brave and speaking out. I’m older (not yet calling myself old, lol, almost 50) but I can remember being younger and feeling that I had important things to say and no one listened, just because I was young! I try to hear everyone’s words so keep talking, I will listen ❤


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